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you say you've got everything you want, & your bird can sing [entries|friends|calendar]
k cola!

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peace out [Wed]
[ mood | hot ]

so im going to be on a official lj hiatus.

if you want to lurk me do it on my journal @ DA




ps. postsecret is an obsession again. hah


[ mood | blank ]

not sure what the point is of updating this thing, but I randomly feel the urge to do so, so I shall....

works been pretty good lately, getting to do more designing, until the end of this week at least. Then it's assisting in the camera room & sales. ugh.

moving in with tamula & misch this coming weds. I can't believe it's almost been a month since I've been gone, but in a way it feels longer. I'm glad to be surrounded by my friends, & be able to get buried in my work.

perko taught me a shit-ton of nerd photoshop stuff today, made me absurdly stoked.

taking a half day friday to go camping all weekend with some old friends, super excited! should prove to be great times as usual. I realized that I've went camping just about every weekend for the past month. :]]]]

my last weekend:
friday: went to lock3 in akron to watch mojo rising, it was awesome as usual.
saturday: kicked it in hiram, & stayed at a friend's that was house sitting,
sunday: recouped

most pointless & random entry ever.

ps. got neatphoto or something program today, & IT'S TIIIGHHHHTTT.



hahaha [Thu]
[ mood | excited ]

(9:11:41 AM) kcola: two words.
(9:11:43 AM) kcola: jake bannon.
(9:11:46 AM) kcola: that's it.
(9:11:50 AM) clevelndfunsquad: 1 word
(9:11:53 AM) clevelndfunsquad: divorce


conversation with lt this morning while at work. :]


if you operate inside these perfect lines youll be fine [Sat]
[ mood | excited ]

so KD was last night. played awesome. stooked :]

ALSO bought this, this morning:

an awesome black handmade Santini classic electric violin. I'm pumped, I used to play violin, & decided I may as well pick it up again.

today I'm taking ATF promo pics, going to flowerchild, & going to fake ass beer fest @ tam's. yuhhss.

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a disaster is a disaster, no matter what christian language you drag it through. [Sat]
[ mood | content ]

so tonight was a good time.
most constructive friday night i've had in a while.

had the shoot with KG & Liz. came out pretty good, & im stoked because i actually executed an idea i had for lighting well.

heres a few, i'll post alot of pics sunday night / monday night after all the weekend shoots.

couple behind the cutCollapse )

tonight was real low key, but a much needed relaxing night.

key points:
- liz & kg cracking me up
- watching waking life
- awesome philosophical conversations
- raiding kevin's house

"There's only one instant, and it's right now. And it's eternity"
"On really romantic evenings of self, I go salsa dancing with my confusion"


bathroom talk [Thu]
[ mood | anxious ]

haha i love our bathroom graffiti.

we're sick & we rock.

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i love when you blink your eyes. [Wed]
[ mood | blah ]

so i decided i may as well set some goals for myself in the 2008.
here they are;

- continue to add to my body of work
- apply to more galleries
- actually MAKE deadlines
- attempt other medias
- exercise
- save more money
- keep in touch with my old friends.
- read more

so this weekend should be pretty hectic.

- work
- shoot with kevin

- run errands
- finsh one of my 23948 projects
- be awesome

- try to clean a tad
- photoshoot with ant
- pick az up
- photoshoot with az
- bed before work.

may not seem that busy, but i have a bad habit of sleeping in late, so that hurts my sched a lot. :/

works been gay lately. that sucks. home hasn't been bad though, teetering away at my little projects.

LT & I actually started a project together-kinda, we are both painting 16x20 canvas themed with hindu gods/goddess. I'm doing Ganesh, who is amazing.

enough ramble.


Welcome to LiveJournal [Tue]
[ mood | sore ]

so decided to try this whole lj thing again. it's just hard to keep up with it. meh.

so i got my grafuck 3 book today. i love it. i posted some more of my faves behind the cut..

graFUCKCollapse )

also, thought i'd share how awesome my roomates & i are.

that's how much donuts & shit we came home with thurs. so gross it's amazing. :]



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